Panels FUTUR 2134 insert XCLAMATION 8015


Inverted pleats panels

«ROMAN» shade with loop control system SARAH 10


Pinch pleated panels & Valance

Pinch pleated panel sheer PRONTO 112, Pinch pleated panels OBSESSION SAND, Flat multi level scalloped valance OBSESSION SAND, MAZAR 2783 & MAINVILLE 112 piping OBSESSION SAND

Grommet panels

Bottom OLAJUBUTU 7079 top insert OBOMANU 5030 double pleats FUTUR 2287

«ROLL BACK» pleats panels FORTINI 1

Top & vertical inserts FREEDOM CARAMEL, Pinch pleated panel sheer ATHENA 1

Drapery «SECRET GARDEN» Collection



«EURO» pleated panels sheer PAELLA 63

Flat «ROMAN» shade with scalloped valance and bottom with chain lift mechanism MACADAM 63

«EURO» pleated panels

Panels sheer PASQUALI 6092 with contrasting horizontal banding on top OBOMANU 6034 and «PUDDLE» length finish. Flat style «ROMAN» shade in coordinating fabric OCCASION 7042.

Panels with double square Grommets

Panels MONTANA 5034  with top insert MARS 2275 & 2 «NUN’S» pleats MARS 2276 & MARS 2281, 6” «EURO» pleated panel sheer PUMA 5034.

Rod Pocket Contrast Sheer with Tieback